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Het Mondzorg Huis

Giving people radiant and healthy smiles so they can laugh uninhibitedly. Smiling is such an important part of our lives and the basis of emotion. A beautiful smile enchants people. We believe it is possible for everyone to have a perfect and unique smile.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality combined with personal attention. These are the two key points that guide us: quality and personal attention. Personal attention means that the patient is at the centre with his/her personal situation and wishes. We give our undivided attention to the patient and schedule ample appointments. No question is too much for us, as we attach great importance to good service. Service is provided before, during and after treatments, this is also made possible by the wide opening hours. Our professional staff puts everyone at ease.
Delivering quality includes regular refresher courses and staying innovative. This applies both to treatment techniques and available equipment.
Your data is handled correctly and securely. Privacy is guaranteed.

In 2004, dentist Birdja took over and modernised the then existing practice. This was realised in October 2014, when the doors of a completely new practice space were opened at 283 Mathenesserlaan, a few doors away from the original location. After this, the practice continued to grow into the modern group practice it is today. There are no commercial companies behind the practice and the management is led by dentists with passion and heart for the profession. As a result, high-quality care always comes first.

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Opening hours